Have you used the name and function of each makeup brush correctly?

2020-07-20 16:43:56 hongling

If you want to become a goddess-level makeup master, you must first understand the correct use of makeup brushes. The quality of makeup brushes is generally divided into natural hair and artificial hair. Artificial wool is also used as nylon and fiber wool. Due to its hard texture and relatively low cost, it is mostly used for foundation brushes and low-end brushes. The natural hair used in makeup brushes is the most common, goat hair, horse hair is soft, but the elasticity is slightly weaker, mink hair and yellow wolf hair can be regarded as the most superior hair, usually relatively expensive, and the squirrel hair is among the best. Need for quality, of course, the price is justified and reasonable.

A complete makeup brush set includes the following brushes:

Let's introduce the necessary makeup brushes one by one!

1. Foundation brush

The base makeup created with the foundation brush is more translucent and does not have a thick feeling, so that the foundation brush is selected to make up the makeup and it is half successful!! Yes, half!!! It can prevent the product from being excessive when applying makeup Absorbs and prevents the product from remaining in fine lines, allowing the product to be polished on the skin for general treatment.

2. Loose stucco

The classic loose powder brush is also an important tool in the toolbox of most makeup artists. Sweeping the whole face with loose powder and powder is softer and more natural than using a puff. It can brush the powder very evenly, so that the makeup effect is naturally unpretentious, and it saves the amount of loose powder.

3. Concealer brush

It is used to apply cream-like products to areas that require concealment, such as spots, acne marks, or under eyes. Can help you create a lot of details.

4. Blush brush

Usually a soft, medium-sized round or flat brush, long and soft bristles allow you to apply powder products without destroying the base makeup. It is a blusher, contour and other large-scale powder products. The perfect tool.

5. Lip brush

It becomes easier to create lip makeup. Dip the brush head over the lip gloss, then start from the middle of the lips and slowly extend to the edges. Use the tip of the brush to draw a short and precise lip line, so that the lip line and lip gloss blend perfectly.

6. Eyebrow comb or round shaft brush

Used to separate eyelashes or comb eyebrows, this makeup brush is one of the best tools for finishing makeup after makeup.

7. Eye shadow brush

In a set of basic makeup tools, three eyeshadow brushes are enough to meet the needs of various eyeshadows. If you want to buy it, buy all three of the large, medium and small ones. The large brush is used to glue light-colored eyeshadow primers, and the medium and small brushes are used to refine the eyeshadow.

8. Angled brush

This versatile makeup brush is the perfect choice for eyeliner and eyebrow drawing. This size and shape allows you to create a natural feel on the eyebrows, and you can easily apply the product to the eyeliner.

Through the in-depth introduction of each of the above makeup brush sets, I believe that all your compatriots must have a deeper understanding of makeup brushes, and you can easily use makeup brushes.