Makeup brush-which is the difference between eye shadow stick and eye shadow brush?

2020-07-04 15:59:29 hongling

Eye shadow can modify eyes, enlarge eyes, and increase eye charm. Many tools are required when using eye shadow. Eye shadow sticks and eye shadow brushes are commonly used tools. What is the difference between eye shadow stick and eye shadow brush? This article answers the girl's doubts about eye shadow tools.

About what is an eye shadow stick

Eyeshadow sticks are small gadgets we use when buying eye shadows. They are usually plastic flat handles made of sponge material. Some eyeshadow sticks are single-ended and some are double-ended. In general, the design of the eyeshadow table is relatively short and can be placed directly in the eyeshadow tray.

About what is an eye shadow brush

Eye shadow brush is also one of the most commonly used tools for eye makeup. The material of the eye shadow brush handle can be made of wood or plastic. The brush head is a thin and uniform animal hair. Eyeshadow brushes are usually made of many models with slender thickness and brush size.

Eyebrow stick and eye shadow brush farewell analysis

Difference 1: Different materials

The material of the eyeshadow brush is different from the eyeshadow bar. Brushes are usually made of plastic or wooden handles. The material of the eye shadow stick is generally a plastic handle with a sponge head, and the softness and hardness of the eye shadow stick sponge head of different brands may be different.


Difference 2: Different models

In general, there are fewer models of eye shadow bars. The difference between the models is mainly the size of the sponge head, but they can only be used to draw eye shadows. There are many models of eye shadow brushes, such as brush head size, handle thickness, material, etc. Large size eyeshadow brushes can also be used to apply cheeks, highlights, etc.

Difference 3: Makeup effect

The biggest difference between the eyeshadow stick and the eyeshadow brush is that the makeup effect is different. The eyeshadow stick has a heavier makeup and is suitable for deepening eyeshadow, while the horizontal surface can be used to draw slightly thicker eyeliner. The eye shadow brush is elastic and flexible when used for makeup. It can be used for large area dyeing, especially primer.

Difference four: suitable for different textures of eye shadow

The eye shadow stick and eye shadow brush have different materials. The eye shadow stick sponge head can be used in conjunction with the powder sand eye shadow. For soft, viscous shadows such as water-soluble and oil colors, the brush head of the eyeshadow brush is more suitable for powder shadows, which can reduce scattered powder.

Which eye shadow brush and eye shadow stick are easier to use

Judging from the difference between an eye shadow brush and an eye shadow stick, these two tools have their own advantages and disadvantages. Should be used according to the actual needs of eye shadow. You can choose the eyeshadow brush when you often use powder eye shadow, and you can choose the eyeshadow stick when you often use ointment. Every time you clean the eyeshadow stick and eyeshadow brush, you should gently reflect off the remaining eyeshadow. After a period of time, it must be thoroughly cleaned and then naturally dried. It is best to use a special cleaning agent to reduce the spread of bacteria.