Must learn the correct method of cleaning makeup brushes

2020-07-04 14:32:03 hongling

A good makeup brush will be an exquisite makeup for a good helper. If the cleaning method of the makeup brush is wrong, the maintenance is not good, it is easy to wash the brush, and it is not worth the loss. The base brush is usually washed three to four times. If you often use unwashed foundation liquid, it will produce powdery traces and breed bacteria, so it should be cleaned regularly. ?

Now let us learn how professional beauticians clean their brushes.

Step one, prepare the tools to be used: including scrubbing liquid, scrubbing container, brush to be cleaned

Step 2: Divide the brushes into two categories: foundation brushes, and eye shadow, powder, and blush brushes.

Step 3: Put the brush into the container and pour the cleaning solution directly, because the cleaning solution that is not diluted with water is strong in cleaning, so just a little bit, so that the brush is covered with the cleaning solution


Step 4: Pour a certain proportion of water to the standard of not exceeding the height of the bristles, so that the water will not easily enter the bottom of the bristles during cleaning, to prevent water from flowing into the bottom of the bristles and causing degumming. Put the brush in the container and stir the water with bristle. You can see that the water is turbid soon. Leave it for half a minute to a minute. No need to add water to the foundation brush, just use the cleaning solution, because the foundation will be more stubborn, if diluted with water, it may not be clean.

Step 5: Wash the brushes cleaned with scrubbing liquid and rinse with running water

Step 6: After rinsing the basic brush to dry the water, please remember to set up an Internet cover to avoid deformation of the brush, and dry in a cool and ventilated place, and do not expose the sunlight, and do not blow dry with a hair dryer. After naturally cool and dry, remove the net cover and use.