Introduction and use of 8 essential makeup brushes

2020-07-04 14:33:01 hongling

Introduction and use of 8 essential makeup brushes

1. Foundation brush

The basic brush used in makeup is relatively transparent, and the brush head is relatively large. You can brush the foundation in a large area to make the base makeup more natural. Choosing a good brush is also the most important part of the delicate makeup of the building. Moreover, the base brush is more comfortable than sponge makeup, not easy to hold powder.

2. Concealer brush

Many sister papers are used to replace flawed brushes and basic brushes. In fact, the concealer brush is more suitable for makeup, and it is easy to cover up facial defects.

3. Loose paint

Scattered painting is necessary for makeup. Scattered painting is the most common tool for creating base makeup. Makeup is more natural than puff. It can paint evenly, avoid sticky powder, make the makeup effect very natural, and powder is more durable.

4. Blush brush

The blush brush is very soft and comes in various shapes. It recommends using a long and soft brush, which can be a powdered product without damaging the cosmetics on the bottom.


5. Eye shadow brush

Under normal circumstances, three eye brushes can meet the needs of various eyeshadows, do not know how to buy, and then buy large and small sizes together, large size is used for light-colored bottom, medium and small size is used to refine eye shadow.

6. Bevel brush

The bevel brush is a multifunctional makeup brush. It is a good helper for eyeliner and eyebrows. The size and shape of the brush make the eyebrow makeup feel more natural.

7. Lip brush

If you want to draw beautiful big red lips and make the lip makeup more natural and sexy, you must use a lip brush to create the necessary tools for Korean drama to bite your lip makeup.

8. Eyebrow comb or round shaft brush

Finally, this brush is used to separate and bond eyelashes or comb eyebrows. This brush is the best retouching tool after makeup, especially for removing eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil. The effect is very natural. There is a noticeable fluffiness at the base of the eyebrows.