The origin of electric makeup brush

2020-07-04 14:41:53 hongling

Entertainers and ladies usually put cream cosmetics on their faces when applying makeup, and then slowly apply the makeup evenly with their hands; then apply the powder to the face with the puff of the makeup brush, and then use the makeup brush The powder brush evenly distributes the powder on the facial skin. At present, whether it is by hand or commonly used paint, it takes a long time, and some parts, some parts and more parts are more likely to clog pores, and less are less effective. In addition, the existing painting function is single.

In order to overcome the shortcomings of the prior art, electric makeup brushes have been created, which are convenient to use and save time, and are easy to apply cosmetics evenly to the face, and have the function of skin care massage.

The hanging technique solution used by the electric makeup brush to solve its technical problems is: the brush head and the brush body are mainly composed of a hollow brush body, which is provided with a battery room and a brush head formed by a motor, a base and a filler. Fur or artificial fur is used as the bristles to wrap around the base, and the flexible material filling is wrapped in it. The brush head is connected to the motor output shaft through the base: the brush body is provided with a power switch.

A permanent magnet is provided in the brush head of the electric makeup brush.

Since the motor of the electric makeup brush is equipped with a motor that can rotate the brush head, it is convenient to use and saves time. It is easy to evenly distribute cosmetics on the face. The makeup effect is ideal; and the brush head can also be used as a massage head for skin massage , Can achieve dual-use to promote blood circulation, enhance cell vitality, has a certain health function.

The utility model is mainly composed of a brush head and a brush body: a hollow brush body is provided with a battery room and a motor therein, and a power switch is provided on the brush body. A brush head composed of bristles, a base, and a filler. The bristles of animal skin are wrapped around the base, and a filler 7 of a soft material such as a sponge is wrapped around it. In this way, when the brush head contacts the skin, The flexible material filling 7 in the brush head acts as a buffer to prevent injury to the skin. The brush head is mounted on the output shaft of the motor through its base 5: the brush head is removable for easy cleaning or replacement. In addition, a permanent magnet is provided in the brush head.

When using an electric makeup brush, first apply cream-based cosmetics to the face, turn on the switch, and the motor works to drive the brush head holder and brush head to rotate; contact the brush head with the face and move it gently, it is appropriate to feel comfortable, rotate The bristles evenly distribute the facial cosmetics to the surroundings, which not only achieves a good makeup effect, but also has a certain health massage effect on the skin. At the same time, the cosmetics can be evenly transported to the deep layer of the epidermis to exert the best skin care effect. For powdery cosmetics, the bristles 8 are gently brought into contact with the powder application area of the face, so that the powder is evenly distributed on the desired parts.