Where are the different makeup brushes of different materials? What is the order of using different makeup brushes?

2020-07-04 15:56:37

Where are the different makeup brushes of different materials? What is the order of using different makeup brushes? For a novice to choose a makeup brush, it is equivalent to touching fish in muddy water. There is no specific choice at all. Many people are like this. I don’t know what kind of makeup brush I am suitable for, and I don’t know the material of the makeup brush. Let's literate together.

First, the difference between animal hair and fiber hair makeup brushes?

Animal hair

Advantages: soft hair, good touch;

Disadvantages: high price, not washable.

Fiber wool

Advantages: dense wool, washable and cost-effective;

Disadvantages: uneven quality levels, makeup is not as good as animal hair.

2. How often should the makeup brush be washed? How to wash it?

Foundation brushes and makeup eggs, and makeup tools need to be cleaned after each use. Failure to clean in time will breed bacteria and cause some skin problems.

Loose powder, blush, eye shadow brush

I personally use two or three times for cleaning. Of course, the brush still needs to be cleaned frequently. I generally use Cinema Secrets brush cleaning agent, which can clean the brush very clean. Of course, the slum girls can also use soap to clean.

3. How long does it take to change the makeup brush? How to maintain it?

In general, the brush "brushed" needs to be replaced (Xiaobian has written in the previous article how to prevent the brush from blowing and how to deal with it), after washing the brush, pay attention to the orientation of the brush head, do not stand upright , So that the brush is easy to shape and blow hair, it is best to lay it flat or face down.

Fourth, makeup brush tips

The more fluffy the makeup brush is, the weaker the powder grip is, suitable for blooming or multiple stacking, and the tighter the makeup brush is, the stronger the powder grip is for the parts of the face that need to be strengthened.

The following editors introduce the makeup sequence for everyone:

Introduce how I use and choose makeup brush

1. Concealer brush

The two concealer brushes I use are my own, and the brushes are more suitable for novices. The larger brush head is suitable for covering dark circles, which can cover the part of the tear groove, and the brush head can push the concealer away.

Little Tips: After covering it with a brush, press it with your finger again, this will make you more obedient~

The one with a smaller brush head is a flat-headed design with firm hair, suitable for acne marks, and some details that are difficult to take care of. Some people may want to ask if they must buy two concealer brushes. In fact, if they only buy one, I would recommend a small brush head.

2. Foundation brush

In fact, for novices, it is still good to recommend Huilida. It is easier to get started than makeup brushes, if you pursue a more sophisticated makeup brush, it will be better.

The brush head of Huilida Tongue Foundation Brush is very compact, suitable for light liquid foundation and powder cream, and it will have stronger concealer and more gloss.

Little Tips: Spray the makeup brush before using the makeup brush to make the base makeup more compliant!

The use of makeup brushes will be more technically tested. You need to use the strength of your wrist to brush back and forth to make it difficult to have brush marks, which will be a bit difficult for novices.

Little Tips: If you still have brush marks with your makeup brush, you can just press it with a beauty egg.

3. Loose stucco

The choice of loose powder brush is relatively simple, the fluffy touch should be good enough not to pierce the skin, one person should prepare one foot.

44. Blush Brush

The shape and firmness of this Huilida brush is just right, it is easy to control the color rendering of the blush

Attach two blush ways

1.8 font play: suitable for anyone, commonly known as "universal" play.

Makeup brush

2. Japanese blush method: Swipe the blush under your eyes.

1. Eye shadow brush

Three basic eye brushes need to be prepared, coloring brushes, blooming brushes, and partial blooming brushes (detail brushes). Generally, the quality of the coloring brush is relatively tight, so the coloring power will be stronger. Local blooming brushes generally emphasize some eye details, and the hair texture is firmer, which can be colored and partially bloomed.

2. blooming brush

The brush head of the blooming brush is relatively fluffy, which is convenient for blooming of the eyeshadow.

3. Repair brush

The shape of this trimming brush is quite design, and its hair quality is relatively tight, but it is not very good for novices.

4. Nose brush

A general eye shadow brush can be used as a nasal shadow brush. This slanted brush is more suitable for nasal sounds.

5. Eyebrow brush

In fact, many eyebrow pencils will now come with an eyebrow brush. The other side of Huilida's eyebrow brush is easy to apply eyebrow glue, which can outline a very precise eyebrow shape.

6. Highlight brush

There are generally two shapes: one is a fan-shaped brush and the other is a tapered brush.

The fan-shaped highlight brush is very convenient for coloring the position of the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose, and does not need to smudge, but it is difficult to take care of the small C area and other details.

7. Tapered highlight brush

You can take care of some details, and need to smudge after coloring the cheekbones. In fact, the usual eyeshadow smudge brush can also be used as a highlight brush in a clean state. Don't limit the function of a brush!

8. Lip brush

Lip brushes are optional for the average person, making it easy to outline the shape of the lips and see the makeup that individuals pursue.

Which kind of makeup brush is better? How to choose a makeup brush? The content is here, as a set of novice brushes, a total of several brushes should be prepared? Concealer brush, loose powder brush, blush brush, trimming brush, eye shadow brush (shop A total of nine brushes (color brush, halo brush, detail brush), nose shadow brush, and highlight brush. Hope the above content can help everyone. If you want to know more makeup brush products, you can click on the product center to view.