Makeup must learn a little knowledge, how to use loose powder!

2020-07-04 15:19:59 hongling

Powders can be used to lighten skin tone and make up makeup. Good use is to add icing on the cake, but it is not good enough to draw snakes. Cosmetics cannot be separated from powders, should powders be used?

How to use loose powder?

Puff on makeup

Step 1: Maintain a little space between the puff and the pores, then flip the powder box and shake it several times. Don't worry about the powder puff, it will only touch a small foundation and leave a deep impression.

In the second step, an appropriate amount of powder is taken on the powder suction, and then the powder can be applied to the face after the powder is folded in half.

Step 3: Press gently in order of cheek forehead, nose, and chin. The puff is folded in half and is used to treat rough and narrow areas such as the eyes. The nose is also in the corner of the puff. It is recommended that you focus on the makeup of your eyes.

Brush on makeup

The first step: powder and brush are the perfect combination of fixed cosmetics. Tilt slightly under the cover and tap the box twice. Open the lid and use a scattered brush to evenly stain the sides of the brush.

Step 2: Turn the back of the hand a few times before use to adjust the dose. Use the brush to gently brush in order of cheek, forehead, nose, lower hand and eyes. Stand up and carefully apply the tip of the brush to the nose and eyes. Then apply it on the eyelids.


6 great uses of loose powder

1. Make up and hold makeup

Don't be careful to sweep a circle like Jasper. Be sure to clean it with confidence. A 30g powder box is wasted for you! The makeup after 10 hours will tell you that all your efforts are worth it.

2. Loose the powder first, then press the powder

Before using dry powder texture powder cake, first sweep a layer of powder, equal to a layer of dry base, and then how to move, there will be no oil. Before dispersing the powder, the powder should be dispersed for at least 2 hours.

3. Make the blush more natural

After the blush, apply a layer of powder to better blend the blush with the base makeup and create a light red halo color with good results.

4. Perfect eye primer

After the fundus is dry, the upper layer is loose powder and the eyeliner is smooth.

5. Dry cleaning brush

A more partial door usage, suitable for scanning eyeshadow, forget to use the brush immediately, the specific method is to stuff the dirty brush into a piece of powder, then remove and shake it clean, repeat a few times, until the brush can not wipe off the eyeshadow colour. Of course, this method seems to be a bit of a waste of powder, suitable for those very large cans, endless powder.

6. Inhibit hair oil

If you find a scent of oil on your hair disgusting, if you don’t have time to wash your hair, you can apply some powder to your scalp.

Modification of loose powder in different parts:

Chin: People with round faces and short chins can try it, which can elongate their faces.

Nose beam: Pay attention to the nose beam and avoid the nose to avoid the nose from looking too large. The brush on the nose can highlight the three-dimensional feeling.

Forehead: Most Asians have a flat forehead. Brushing the teeth in the middle of the pearl's forehead can make them look fuller.

Cheekbones: If the cheeks are too thin or too dry, rubbing the cheekbones will fill the position of the apple muscles.