Teach you how to choose the right makeup brush!

2020-07-04 15:20:51 hongling

Makeup brush Whether it is makeup white or beauty makeup. Good makeup tools are necessary to create a perfect makeup. Whether it is foundation, eye shadow, blush, highlights or makeup

Makeup brushes are indispensable. However, there are so many makeup brushes on the market today. How should we choose? Today we are going to talk about makeup brushes.

Generally speaking, the bristles are divided into artificial hair and animal hair

Artificial hair is artificial fiber hair, which is divided into two categories: wavy hair and straight wire. The corrugated hair is electrified by special treatment, and the hair is wavy. It is mainly used as a large brush for loose powder and blush. The straight line from ear to ear is mainly used as a basic brush and an eye brush.

Wet cosmetics (liquids, pastes) contain moisture and oils, and artificial hair is not afraid of these and can also be washed. So most foundation brushes, eyeliners, and lip brushes are artificial hair. The level of artificial wool is different, and the durability of different quality artificial wool is also different.

Natural Wool Natural wool is a finer, softer, and weaker powder than artificial wool. It is easy to grasp when coloring, and is beneficial to achieve the effect of natural makeup. Natural brushes are generally delicate, and dry cosmetics (various powders) are commonly used.

There is no absolute difference between good and bad animal hair and artificial hair. The difference is that the right place is different.


Introduction of different functional brushes

Foundation Brush

Theoretically, painting will be completed faster than other basic makeup tools, and the details will be better. On this basis, the characteristic of the basic brush is that the brush will not be very long, generally 3-4 cm, the hair has good toughness, and the bristles are relatively dense. You can eat it before brushing the foundation.

Loose powder brush, trimming brush, blush brush

First, let's talk about the characteristics of this "dry" makeup. First of all, their hair is not as thick as a base makeup brush, which is even more “loose”. The density of the hair is related to the grip of the powder, no matter whether the powder is good shadow red or good shadow, don't ask too much. The loose hair sticky powder is not strong, and it is just suitable for setting makeup or trimming.

There are also many types of brush heads on the market, such as conical brush heads, flat head brush heads, oblique head brush heads, fan-shaped brush heads, round head brush heads, etc.

Eye shadow brush

The eyeshadow brush is a small brush used to process the details of the eyes, which is basically smaller than the small oblique nose brush mentioned above.

There are two main aspects of eye makeup treatment, one is coloring and the other is blooming. This also determines the different forms of eye shadow brushes.

Eyebrow brush

Thrush generally has the following steps, outline, color filling, dizziness, coloring, etc. The brushes you need to use are outline, fill and dye most of the chamfered flat head. Because the brush head is hard and flat, the outline is easy to control, and the lines drawn are also thinner.

Lip brush

Lip brushes generally require small brush heads to accurately "paint" bristles should be hard and easy to control the intensity; preferably artificial hair, washable.

Concealer brush

In fact, the requirements of the concealer brush and the lip brush are basically the same, but the length of the hair is shorter and the hair is harder, so as to control the strength of the concealer and accurately conceal.

Cleaning and maintenance

Brushes are very cost-effective and makeup tools are usually considered consumables. Most of the time, people use incorrect methods to clean brushes, which can also lead to a loss of brush life.

Artificial brush-wet cleaning

If makeup is frequent, brushes need to be cleaned once every 1-2 weeks, otherwise bacteria will easily grow. The main points of washing are as follows:

1. Just wash in cold water;

2. Choose professional washing products, such as detergents and washing tools of various brands;

3. Hair care products such as conditioner can be used appropriately;

4. Before drying, you can use paper towels to absorb excess water;

5. Try to dry in the sun, do not use a hair dryer;

6. After washing, the large brush needs to be shaped when necessary. You can use a mesh cover (it can also be used when it is dry in the shade, but the brush will dry slowly), or you can use a clip to prevent the brush from flying.

Natural brush-dry cleaning

For natural brushes that are afraid of water and are not resistant to cleaning, dry cleaning can be used. Rinse the used dry paint with clean powder and talc until the powder becomes dirty and the brush becomes clean.