Nanny eye makeup brush usage science popularization! Good-looking eye makeup needs a good makeup brush, a must for novices

2020-07-04 15:21:38 hongling

Many babies do not know how to choose makeup brushes. In fact, the more expensive the brush, the better. Sometimes, there are good things at fair prices. Today, I want to share with you some makeup brushes that novices need to improve.


Cosmetic brushes are generally divided into animal hair (higher price) and artificial fiber hair. The standard we choose for cosmetic brushes is the ability to catch powder, fluff and softness, and do not eat powder. Many household brushes do this now.

(1) Standard eye shadow brush: used for the fundus, usually covering the entire eye socket with a light color, giving a deep feeling;

(2) Eyelid shadow brush on the squint head: This pen is used to superimpose the color of the eye head and the end of the eye. It is super easy to use and the color is uniform.

3?? Short-hair tail smoke brush: usually used to darken the color of the eyes and lower eyelids, designed to fit the shape of the end of the eye;

4. Dizzy eyeshadow brush: This kind of color I usually use to dye the bright colors around, the color of the abdomen will be very unnatural, and the eyes will be slightly dizzy.

5<Trash and GT; Trash and GT; Trumpet under the eyelid shadow brush: Although this brush is short, it is very practical! Light colors can be used to draw silkworms and lower eyelids. This is very convenient and won't be drawn anymore.

6 Sharp tapered detail eye shadow brush: can be used for bright eyes or cover bright colors, fairies who do not like too bright can also omit this step, or used to dizzy the end of the eyes.