Mistakes to avoid when choosing a makeup brush

2020-07-04 14:26:23 hongling

How to choose a makeup brush?

Makeup brushes play an important role in makeup tools. Makeup brushes are divided into eye shadow brushes, eyebrow brushes, blusher brushes, powder brushes and lip brushes. So, how to buy makeup brushes? What brand of makeup brushes are good? Let's follow the editors below.

Mistakes in choosing makeup brushes

When many people choose brushes, they judge whether the brushes are good or bad based on whether the bristles are soft. This is not necessarily correct. Generally speaking, soft animal bristles are more comfortable to use, and the color is thin and soft; the tight and dense bristles are more elastic and saturated in color. Therefore, the choice of which brush should be based on what kind of makeup effect you want to get. The quality of a brush should be considered in terms of cutting, elasticity, and color expression of the bristles. It is not that a brush that blows the wind is a good brush.