How to draw a delicate makeup with a makeup brush?

2020-07-04 15:26:19 hongling

A lot of people often say, why is my makeup so ugly, and why the makeup of the celebrities is so different from my own, maybe many people will look for problems in cosmetics, and miss the important makeup brushes, Cosmetics are certainly one of the reasons, but is the makeup brush the main character? No matter how good the cosmetics are, it’s a waste of waste, so learn to use makeup brushes.

The purpose of makeup is to make people enjoyable, but you can also please yourself in the process of makeup! There is a good set of makeup brushes that allows the soft bristles to be close to the skin, so that the cosmetics and skin are better integrated, many baby cute will ignore Makeup brushes,

For a long time, makeup has been divided into different styles with fingers and makeup brushes. Among the masters of makeup, there is no lack of supporters of finger pies. They prefer the warmth and sensitivity of fingers. For them, hands are the most superior makeup brushes.

Although the makeup brush is an essential tool for most makeup artists, the hand has the advantage that the makeup brush does not: the temperature of the hand can heat the makeup and make the makeup more compliant; the sensitive touch of the fingertips can allow the makeup artist to adjust the makeup at any time The strength and position of the hand; the hand will not absorb the product and also open; it will cause waste. The hand can almost achieve all the basic functions of the makeup brush. How to use it properly depends on your understanding and proficiency.

Index finger-eyelash curler + eyebrow comb

The best use of the index finger is to help curl the eyelashes. When you have finished applying the mascara, you can use the first and second sides of the index finger to gently lift the entire eyelashes, so that the eyelashes are raised up. In addition, when the eyebrows are messy, the index finger can also be used as a brow comb, combing out the shape of the eyebrows, and using the index finger and thumb to gently pinch the end of the brow to the perfect end.

Thumb-Liquid foundation brush

The thumb is stronger than other fingers, and has the largest accumulation of fingers. It is most suitable for makeup that requires a large area of application, such as liquid foundation and creamy blush. In the backstage of Fashion Week, I often see makeup artists applying foundation to the model indiscriminately. The most common action is to hold the model's face with the palm of the hand after finishing the foundation on the entire face, and then use the outside of the thumb from the nose to the temple "Push". This action can absorb a slightly thicker liquid foundation, and at the same time, if there are uneven brush marks, you can also use your fingers to evenly apply.