Definition of powder brush

2020-07-04 15:27:01 hongling

Dip it with honey powder and apply it to the face with the foundation. It is softer and more natural than using a puff. It can evenly apply the powder. It can also be used to set makeup, and can also be used to brush off excess powder, so that the colors of eyes and cheeks become soft and harmonious.

Common sense articles:

Especially when powdering the neck, shoulders, chest, back, etc., the handy part is

Unmatched. With feather-like bristles, the powder can be taken lightly and evenly applied to the face. Dip the powder brush to get the powder, and flick the excess powder. Apply the powder to the face with a flick. Finally, brush off the excess facial powder on the face with a stroke from top to bottom.

The pure wool texture bristles of the Lingmei makeup brush are easier to attach to the powder, even and fluffy, making the makeup look impeccable after setting.

Purchase articles:

When choosing honey powder brush, you should pay attention to:

2. Hold the bristles with your fingers and gently comb down to check whether the bristles are falling off;

3. Press the brush lightly on the back of the hand and draw a semicircle to check whether the bristles are neat;

4. Blow the bristles with hot air from a hair dryer to keep the original shape as animal hair, and the curly hair is artificial fiber.

Maintenance articles:

In addition, the good professional brushes you buy are actually very important for cleaning and maintenance:

1. Some brands of professional brush cleaning agents, pour a few drops at a time, rinse with cold water in the direction of the bristles for a while, and then lie flat and dry;

2. If there is no professional cleaning agent, soak the brush in warm water diluted with shampoo every two weeks, and then rinse it with cold water.