How to clean the blush brush?

2020-07-04 15:29:14 hongling

Brushes are like our hair, and they need to be well cared for to keep them smooth and beautiful. A clean brush can transform a neat makeup. Dirty brushes not only cannot transform a beautiful makeup, but also make the makeup look discounted!

Different brushes have different cleaning frequencies due to different uses and materials. Here is a simple way to tell you: the higher the oil content, the more frequently you use the brushes for makeup products. Because the residue of oil is easy to adhere to dirt and bacteria, it makes the brush more and more dirty and harmful to the skin, so it needs to be more diligent in cleaning.

Correct cleaning steps:

STEP1: Use makeup remover or brush cleaning liquid to pour into the powder cover, about a thin layer of completely covered weight, let the bristles take up the adsorption, slightly dissolve the attached makeup.

STEP2: Pour the shampoo of natural ingredients in the basin and mix it up to foam, and then fully mix the bristles in the bubble water.

STEP3: Hold the bristles in the palm of your hand, and repeat the grasping and releasing techniques, so that the residual dirt and makeup in the bristles are completely cleaned out.

STEP4: At the end of the brush, which is also the part that most often touches makeup, clean it again carefully.

STEP5: Finally, wash the brush with plenty of water, and use a clean water basin to completely remove the residual detergent in the brush.

STEP6: If the brush becomes too astringent due to the use of detergent, you can use a small amount of conditioner to smooth out the hair ends, and also clean it with plenty of water.

STEP7: Take a few paper towels or a towel with good water absorption, cover the bristles and press it several times to make the moisture as dry as possible, and then lay it flat in a ventilated place and dry it.

TIPS: weekday maintenance method

Brushes: Most of the brushes need to account for the dyeing color. Usually, after each use, just use a facial paper to brush the brush back and forth on the top, and brush until the color no longer appears.