Use of blush brush and makeup

2020-07-04 15:29:55 hongling

Choice of blush brush:

1【Position】Draw a character with a long, round and super cute brush along the cheekbones. If you want to look personalized, brush a long blush and position higher; if you want to be cute, brush a round shape. Brush on the first half of the cheekbones.

2 [Color] Pink CUTE, Orange Brown COOL Each color system will have a different makeup because of the pink or orange brown. For orange blush, pinkish ones will look cute; orangeish and brown ones will become casual and personal.

3【Starting point】Brush the back with a complexion. Brush forward to repair the blush. The place where the blush is the heaviest is the starting point! The direction of the blush will also change accordingly. Outstanding color, and the blusher brushed from back to front is mainly used for grooming.

4【Brushes】To be soft and strong, the brush is everything. Type A fan-shaped brush (pointed round brush): the most common, 90% blush brush on the market, the shape of the bristles is rounded, the easiest to eat, color Obviously, it can have a smudged and soft effect. Type B uniform face brush (round brush): used in pearlescent bright powder that looks like blush, but the texture is like honey powder, and the face is lifted and shiny by pearlescent, Eat less powder, and don't apply too much on a large area or even the entire face. Type C bevel brush (trapezoidal brush): It has a sense of lines and can brush out obvious areas. Usually used in areas that need special emphasis, such as the chin, the bridge of the nose, or the C outside the eye.

Just emphasize the shiny cheeks, when the blush is used for repairing the face, the ladies and fashion stars who see it use this colorless pearlescent powder as blush, as long as the bones are highlighted. Feeling, the focus is on the direction and technique of application! The blush is used as a facelift. make up point: The blush with a sense of volume + shiny colorless cheeks is more gorgeous.