One of the perfect makeup remover brushes

2020-07-04 15:31:18

Key parts

1. Before starting the makeup removal work on the entire face, remove the cosmetics in the key parts

Eye makeup and lipstick and other cosmetics are common makeup removers that are difficult to remove, so use a special makeup remover to remove them.

2. Dip a special eye makeup remover with a cotton remover and cover it on the upper eyelid for about 30 seconds.

The key is to choose a special eye makeup remover, which lasts for about 30 seconds, and makeup that is difficult to remove will become easy to remove.

3. The cleansing cotton glides from top to bottom on the eyelids to wipe off the eye makeup.

Cleansing cotton glides from the brow bone to the upper eyelid and slides from top to bottom to remove eye makeup. The two sides are alternated until the color of the cleansing cotton does not change.

If you apply too much force, the cleansing cotton will make a creaking sound, so that fine wrinkles will appear around the eyes.

The skin around the eyes is a very sensitive part. If you apply too much force, it will make the skin rough and produce fine wrinkles, so pay attention.