What are the steps of makeup

2020-07-04 15:32:52

What are the steps of makeup

1. After washing the face, apply skin care products, such as cream, cream, milk, honey, etc., mainly skin care.

2. The foundation should be applied according to the face shape of the person when applying the foundation. When applying square foundation, do not apply on the jaws on both sides, which keeps the egg-shaped face.

3. When applying foundation, do not apply on eyebrows or eyelids, because black eyebrows appear "white cream" after applying foundation, which is unsightly and unnatural.

4. When wiping fragrant powder. After applying foundation, make up with fragrant powder. Do not rub the powder too thick. People with dark skin should not use it.

5. Apply eye shadow and draw eyeliner.

6. When drawing the eyeliner, use an eyeliner to draw close to the eyelashes. The upper eyeliner can be heavier. The lower eyeliner should not be too thick or too heavy.