Pay attention to the blush brush you need to use on the cheeks

2020-07-04 15:33:46

Applying blusher makes the entire face look soft and natural, and also makes the cheekbones stand out. Then use the same color cheek

Swipe the red part of the temple to make the facial color appear light and harmonious. Use the cheek as a semi-blush to the ear direction, it is natural and generous; use the cheek as a radius to round the blush, it is cute and moving.

Simple steps

Many people feel that they can't learn how to apply makeup and feel very troublesome. The following tutorial demonstration can also solve these problems.

1. First of all, we need to do a good job of foundation, cleansing then toner and lotion, and then apply isolation or foundation, of course, if it is an isolation foundation, it will save our makeup time.

2. If you are a person who goes to work or school, you don't even need to wear very thick makeup. For the position of the eyeliner, if it is the inner double eyelid, the inner eyeliner will be deepened, and then the thickness of the eyeliner will be thickened.

3. Then apply a pair of false eyelashes. The eyelashes need to match your own eye shape. Be careful when you apply eyelashes.

4. Then use light coffee color eyeshadow to smear the entire eye socket, and then use dark coffee color to deepen the position of the eyelid, which can play the role of big eyes.

5. Finally, brush the pink blush on the apple muscles, it will make people look refreshed all day long. Women can be slightly more, men should be less.