Makeup brush-correct cleaning steps for blusher brush

2020-07-04 15:34:31 hongling

The makeup brush is like our hair. They need good care to stay soft and bright. Clean brushes can wear clean cosmetics. Dirty brushes can not only make up makeup, but also greatly reduce cosmetics!

Different brushes have different cleaning frequencies due to their different uses and materials. Here, we teach you a simple identification method: the higher the oil content, the more frequently the brush is used in cosmetics. Because oil residues can easily adhere to dirt and breed bacteria, making the brush look dirty and harmful to skin health, you should work harder to clean it.


Correct cleaning steps

1. Pour the makeup remover or brush cleaner into the powder cover, about a thin layer of completely covered ingredients, so that the brush acts as an adsorbent and gently dissolves the attached cosmetics.

2. Pour natural shampoo into the shampoo basin and blisters, then mix the bristles around the foam water.

3. Hold the brush in the palm of your hand and repeatedly hold the brush to completely remove dirt and cosmetics remaining in the brush.

4. Then, at the end of the brush, you should often touch the makeup area, and then wipe it carefully.

5. Then use a lot of water to clean the brush, and use a clean water basin to clean the residual detergent in the brush.

6. If the brush becomes too tight due to the use of detergent, you can use a small amount of conditioning agent, straighten the hair slightly, and wash it with plenty of water.

7. Take a few paper towels or towels with good water absorption, cover with a brush, press a few times to make the moisture absorbed as much as possible, and then lay it flat in a cool place in a ventilated place to dry.

Weekday maintenance method

Brush tools: Most of them need to occupy the color of the brush. Generally, each time you use it, you only need to use a tissue to brush the brush back and forth, and the brush will no longer appear color.