How to choose a high-quality makeup brush at a low price

2020-07-04 15:53:06 hongling

I can’t tell what to do with various makeup brushes. Don’t worry, I’ll sort out some related knowledge about makeup brushes today, please see below:


Makeup brush hair classification

Generally, there are two types of makeup brushes: natural and artificial.

Natural hair has complete scales, so the hair is softer and has a stronger powder grip, which can make the makeup more compliant and will not irritate the skin. Common natural hairs are mink hair or yellow wolf hair (superior), squirrel hair (high quality), horse hair or goat hair.

The texture of artificial hair is hard and suitable for thick, cream-like makeup, but the price will be relatively low. Artificial hair is more used for foundation brushes; nylon is the hardest texture and is mostly used for eyelash brushes and eyebrow brushes.

Use classification of makeup brush

Common makeup brush sets are available from 7 to more than 20 combinations. Depending on the function, you can range from foundation brush, concealer brush, loose powder brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, trimming brush, lip brush, eyebrow brush, etc.

Foundation Brush

Using a foundation brush to apply foundation will be more translucent and brighter and will not feel heavy.

The foundation brush is selected correctly, which is a good foundation for the creation of the entire makeup.

The bristles are tight, and the bristles are more elastic and harder; the bristles are best in an oblique trapezoidal shape; it is best to choose mink or synthetic fibers for the material.

Foundation brushes are more like hard hair textures such as artificial hair. The main reason is that the foundation brushes for artificial hair are not absorbent and have a high degree of spread. You can use the foundation liquid completely and will not stick to our bristles. Cause waste.

Concealer brush

Use a concealer brush to apply concealer products to areas that need concealment, such as spots, acne marks, dark circles, etc. It is usually used in conjunction with foundation brushes. Using a concealer brush can make the concealer effect more uniform and natural.

Loose stucco

The loose powder brush will be more uniform, more natural and softer than using the puff, and it will also save more loose powder.

Note when purchasing:

Comb down gently with your fingers to check whether the bristles fall off; lightly press the brush on the back of your hand and draw a semicircle to check whether the bristles are neat; use a hot air blower to blow the bristles to keep the original shape of the animal hair, and the curly hair is artificial fiber.