How to draw a blush with a foundation brush

2020-07-04 15:54:05 hongling

Use the foundation brush to paint the blush. If the blush is not good, it will be easily reduced to a clown or a plateau. The following three steps to use the foundation brush to draw blush will help you draw a natural blush and let your cheeks Present the girlish red.

Blush is to highlight the effect of natural blush. In the color, it is better to choose a tone with a similar skin tone. Generally speaking, white skin tone should be matched with warm bronze or pale pink rouge. For people with round faces, blush can be used. To achieve the effect of weight loss, and thin long face type can use pink, pink, etc. to make the face rosy and plump.

1. From the inside out

When painting blush, use a fluffy small brush to paint the blush. The orange blush is more suitable for Asian women and girls with yellowish skin. Just brush it gently to bring a cute and playful feeling. The method recommends a sweeping brush method from the inside out to promote a natural sense of scatter.

2. Use a foundation brush to draw flawless makeup

Some people think that as long as the obvious blush is applied, a cute feeling can be created, but in the end, it is found that the makeup is dirty, and it does not look like a natural look. It mainly ignores the importance of clean makeup. In order to make pink more clear and transparent, you can choose a makeup product with sufficient concealing power and high moisture retention to make the skin have a saturated shine. At the same time, with concealer, let the spots not Come out and affect the overall vision.

3. Light-colored foundation

In order to make the blush more natural, use the foundation brush to dip the light-colored liquid foundation and apply it. As long as you do this, you can draw a natural and girly blush makeup.