The role of makeup brush tools and tips for using makeup brushes

2020-07-04 15:54:38 hongling

If you want to become a goddess in the eyes of a man, knowing that makeup is one of the necessary skills, and makeup must also know the purpose and use skills of the makeup brush tool. Therefore, understanding the respective names and functions of the makeup brush tools has become one of the essential skills of the goddesses.

The following is a general introduction to makeup brushes:

1. Fan-shaped brush: used to sweep away excess powder on face, it is the largest one among makeup brushes

2. Blush brush: used to brush the blush, use the blush brush and the trimming brush separately to prevent the color from mixing the makeup

3. Foundation brush: used to apply liquid foundation, but the foundation is evenly applied

4. Retouching brush (profile brush): apply shadow color after makeup, used to modify facial contour, large size can be used for powder brush

5. Eye shadow stick: used to paint eye shadow with strong color

6. Eyeshadow brush: used to apply eye shadow, large size is used for large area blooming, and small size is used for small area blooming. It is recommended to use different brushes for different color systems to avoid color mixing

7. Lip brush: used to apply lip cosmetics such as lipstick

8. The modification pen (concealer brush) is used to dip the foundation to cover facial blemishes, eye bags, dark circles and minor errors that occur when modifying makeup. Use dark one foundation when concealing

9. Eyeliner brush: After soaking in water, mix the water-soluble eyeliner powder into a paste, draw the eyeliner, the effect is natural and soft

10. Eyelash brush: trim eyelashes or repair eyebrows

11. Slanted eyebrow brush: apply eyebrow powder to draw eyebrows