Trial brush structure of disposable makeup brush

2020-07-04 15:55:57 hongling

Trial brushes for disposable cosmetic brushes are designed to solve many problems such as unhygienic, inconvenient, and difficult to control usage in cosmetic trial methods, and provide a dedicated disposable cosmetic brush device for various types of cosmetics.

The design solution of the disposable makeup brush is that the whole device is box-shaped, which includes a matching box lid and a bottom box, and the box lid is covered on the bottom box: in the middle of the bottom box, a layer of sealing layer is arranged horizontally; sealed here 30-60 small brushes are vertically and fixedly inserted on the layer, and the brush handles of the small brushes are exposed outside the sealing layer: in order to save effort and conveniently remove any small brushes from the box, seal around each brush handle On the floor, there is a pressure groove that is easy to pull off; at the bottom of the bottom box corresponding to each small brush, there are equal to the number of small brushes, which can store cosmetics, and the bottom end of the small brush extends into the groove : The handle of the small brush is a straw with a closed top and a suction hole at the bottom, or it can be a hollow tube; the bristles of the small brush can be set on the side of the bottom of the handle or around the bottom of the handle.

The advantages of disposable makeup brushes are: a. The small brushes for trial cosmetics are single-use, safe and hygienic, avoiding cross-infection of viruses, and make cosmetic consumers feel at ease; b. Easy to use, save time and effort, when trying liquid cosmetics, only Need to squeeze the upper end of the brush handle, draw the liquid cosmetics stored in the groove into the brush handle, and then pull up the handle, the sealed lamination groove around the small brush will break, you can pull out the small brush c, every time you try cosmetics The amount is fixed, so you can accurately control the amount used, it is economical, does not cause unnecessary waste, and can guarantee the best results of cosmetics test; d, suitable for a variety of cosmetics, cream cosmetics (such as lipstick) can Stick to the brush, powder or thick liquid cosmetics can be dipped with a brush, and thinner liquid cosmetics can be sucked with a straw.