Introduction of liquid-applied makeup brush

2020-07-04 14:19:49 hongling

Today, cosmetic brush manufacturers introduce a cosmetic brush for applying liquid products (such as nail polish, liquid lipstick, liquid foundation, or hair dye), and also relate to cosmetic accessories equipped with the brush.


Cosmetic kits generally include a container containing a product for coating and a component for coating the product. The coating component includes a tuft formed by bristles fixed parallel to each other and a holding bracket called a handle. In principle, it is a brush. The accessory kit also includes a cover for closing the container, and the brushed handle is fixed on the cover so that the tufts are immersed in the product.

The currently provided nail brushes for applying nail polish have insufficient uniformity and softness of application and speed of makeup, especially the uniformity and speed of applying nail polish, which is not satisfactory from an aesthetic point of view . Therefore, when using a traditional nail polish brush, the nail polish layer often becomes uneven due to streaks left in the bristles. Apply the second layer when the first layer of nail polish is not dry, the effect will be more obvious.

In addition, when using a traditional nail polish brush, since the brush is dipped with less nail polish product, it is necessary to dip the brush in the container holding the product several times in order to oil each nail in turn. In order to make up for this deficiency, various solutions have been proposed, for example, the method of adding a container to the handle of the brush as described in the document FR-A-2,585,934, but the solution makes its manufacture The use of brushes is complicated and expensive.