Exquisite bamboo handle foundation brush

Product name: Exquisite Bamboo Handle Foundation BrushWhether to import: NoBristle material: artificial fiberBrush handle specifications: short rodBrush handle material: plastic handleMouth tube mater

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  • 型号:

Product name: Exquisite Bamboo Handle Foundation Brush

Whether to import: No

Bristle material: artificial fiber

Brush handle specifications: short rod

Brush handle material: plastic handle

Mouth tube material: aluminum tube

Place of Origin: Mainland China

Brush color: yellow brown

Apply flawless base makeup with foundation brush:

Some people think that as long as the obvious blush is applied, a cute feeling can be created, but in the end, it is found that the makeup is dirty, and it does not look like a natural look. It mainly ignores the importance of clean makeup. In order to make pink more clear and transparent, you can choose a makeup product with sufficient concealing power and high moisture retention to make the skin have a saturated shine. At the same time, with concealer, let the spots not Come out and affect the overall vision.