Black and red single blush brush

Product Name: Black and red single blush brushWhether to import: NoBristle material: artificial fiberBrush handle specifications: long rodBrush handle material: plastic handleApplicable people: Genera

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  • 型号:

Product Name: Black and red single blush brush

Whether to import: No

Bristle material: artificial fiber

Brush handle specifications: long rod

Brush handle material: plastic handle

Applicable people: General

Mouth tube material: aluminum tube

Product Origin: Black Red

Cheeks tender:

3-step blush to brush out sweet peach cheeks

If you want the cheeks to be red, then you must apply the blush lightly, so that you have a good skin texture that is rosy in white.

Because the skin of the Orientals is mostly oily on the T-shaped part and the cheeks are relatively dry, it is recommended to use cream blush, which has a moisturizing effect. In the choice of blush color, the natural redness of the cheek when you just take a bath is the most suitable color for you.

You can choose the texture and color of the blush according to your skin type, either cream blush or powder blush, it will definitely make you look full of spring breeze.