Single gray eyeshadow brush

Product Name: New blue eye shadow brushWhether to import: NoBristle material: artificial fiberBrush handle specifications: long rodBrush handle material: plastic handleProduct color: blueCleaning and

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Product Name: New blue eye shadow brush

Whether to import: No

Bristle material: artificial fiber

Brush handle specifications: long rod

Brush handle material: plastic handle

Product color: blue

Cleaning and maintenance:

Try to wipe off the residual eye shadow with a paper towel after each use. Pour a few drops of professional brush cleaning agent, rinse with cold water in the direction of the bristles for a while, and then lay it flat and dry. If there is no professional cleaning agent, soak the brush in warm water diluted with shampoo every two weeks and wash it, then rinse it with cold water, arrange the bristles and dry it in the shade. After drying, flick the brush head with your fingers to restore the fluffy state of the brush.