Single new eye shadow brush

Product Name: Single silver eyeshadow brushWhether to import: NoBristle material: artificial fiberBrush handle specifications: long rodBrush handle material: plastic handleProduct Color: SilverThe mai

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Product Name: Single silver eyeshadow brush

Whether to import: No

Bristle material: artificial fiber

Brush handle specifications: long rod

Brush handle material: plastic handle

Product Color: Silver

The main method:

There are usually two methods of applying eye shadow: one is three-dimensional blooming, and the other is horizontal blooming.

Stereo rendering

That is, smudge according to the method of sketch drawing, use cool colors or mixed colors to make the object have a sense of receding, apply to the outer corner of the upper eyelid, the inner corner of the eye, the brow bone and the depression of the eyeball, the outer corner of the lower eyelid, etc., will brighten Apply to the skin under the brow bone and in the middle of the eyeball, the shadow and the bright color should be connected naturally, and the transition between light and dark is reasonable.

1. Draw the lower part of the upper eyelid first

Use a flat head brush to dip the bright color as the base color and adjust the weight with your nails. Start by gently brushing at the corners of the eyes to think about the ends of the eyes. This will make the eye makeup drawn softer.

2. Draw the upper part of the eyelid

The upper half of the upper eyelid is painted in the same way as the lower half, brushing gently from the corner of the eye, and the color is the same. This completes the background color of the upper eyelid.

3. Light up the lower eyelid

Use the same bright color as the upper eyelid to lighten the lower eyelid. Use a flat brush to brush the side part from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye. This makes the eyes very eye-catching.