Black foundation brush

Product Name: Black powder seat brushWhether to import: NoBristle material: artificial fiberBrush handle specifications: short rodBrush handle material: plastic handleMouth tube material: aluminum tub

  • 型号:
  • 型号: Black foundation brush

Product Name: Black powder seat brush

Whether to import: No

Bristle material: artificial fiber

Brush handle specifications: short rod

Brush handle material: plastic handle

Mouth tube material: aluminum tube

Place of Origin: Mainland China

Cover color: black

Common sense articles:

Especially when powdering the neck, shoulders, chest, back, etc., its handy place is unmatched. With feather-like bristles, the powder can be taken lightly and evenly applied to the face. Dip the powder brush to get the powder, and flick the excess powder. Apply the powder to the face with a flick. Finally, brush off the excess facial powder on the face with a stroke from top to bottom.

The pure wool texture bristles of the Lingmei makeup brush are easier to attach to the powder, even and fluffy, making the makeup look impeccable after setting.