12 professional makeup brush set brushes

Product name: 12 black professional makeup brush setsWhether to import: NoBristle material: artificial fiberNumber of brushes: 12Brush handle specifications: long rodMouth tube material: aluminum tube

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  • 型号: 12 professional makeup brush set brushes

Product name: 12 black professional makeup brush sets

Whether to import: No

Bristle material: artificial fiber

Number of brushes: 12

Brush handle specifications: long rod

Mouth tube material: aluminum tube

Place of Origin: Mainland China

Set brush color: black


1. Brush head fiber hair making

The fiber hair material of the brush head is soft and tough, and it is comfortable to touch. It has a strong powder grip, easy to apply, quick and easy to apply.

2. A set of 12 complete sets

Meet the needs of different makeup, easy to use for makeup in different areas

3. Comfortable handle design

The quality handle is formed in one piece, without changing the color step, the feel is ergonomic, comfortable and easy to use.

4. High quality brush tube

Thickened material, not easy to deform, wear-resistant and durable! The bristles and the handle are tightly combined and do not lose hair.

Your beauty is only a set of makeup brush

The beautiful women in our eyes are so full of spirits and radiant

Are they really born with such beauty?

The answer is "impossible"

Those delicate and admirable faces are all products of makeup

Having a set of makeup brushes is the first step towards beauty

12 makeup brushes without a waste brush

The hair is soft and not piercing

Strong powder catching power and simple coloring

"Ordinary fiber wool

Ordinary fiber hair is the shape of a conventional standing tip

There is no cushion on the skin and the touch is poor

Weak powder grasping power"

"LS fiber wool

1: Hairy wavy design, cushioning skin contact, comfortable touch

2. Neck hair scale design, strong powder grasping power, make the makeup more fit

Professionally customized bristle curvature

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic curvature, fits the skin and makes makeup easier

Rich bristles and soft

Using hand-bundling, the root hair is clear, the hair is sufficient and soft.

Brush handle-environmental protection rubber handle

The brush handle is smooth and shiny, strong and durable, not easy to fade, small handle, easy to use.

Aluminum thickened mouth tube

The precision crimping of the mouth tube tightly fits the root of the bristles, and the fixed bristles are not easy to fall off.